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This term I have added a page for each Level in the school. That is where you will find films of the students’ Term 4 Performances.

We hope you enjoy seeing and hearing what we have been learning!

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Sioḃán Collett


Year 5/6 Dance

To begin learning about the elements of dance we watched ‘The Dance of a Thousand Hands’.

We used this as inspiration for creating movements using different parts of the body. Here is a selection of our choreography.

Year 3/4 Recorder

Our train music is based on the children’s song ‘Down By The Station’. We added accompanying melodies to fill out the music. You should hear a train whistle, ‘clickety clack’, ‘puff puff toot toot off you go’ and ‘click clack clicky clack train is on the track’. We learnt that even though these parts go together musically, they don’t sound great when all played on the same instrument.

Year 1/2 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We hope you enjoy our arrangement of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It begins with the rain stick reminding us of water. The xylophones play the beat, the maracas play the waves and the tambour begins each line, keeping the rowers in time. The rhythm sticks improvise in the middle section.